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We are now home to some great craft classes that were once at Sugarbutterbex.
If you need a website or catering, sugarbutterbex is still the way to go.

Would you like to Sign Up for a class?
You can prepay by stopping by the store, calling us with your payment,
or pay with paypal.
Questions?  Call us at (323) 256-9276 or email us at


Spin Your Own Designer Yarn
January 24, 6:30 pm, $35 (Spindle and roving available for $25)

drop spindle with yarn

Spinning your own yarn can give you even more control over your
finished knit or crochet project.
You can learn to directly control the thickness of the finished yarn.
By the end of his first lesson, Noah, one of the yarn store family kids,
was able to spin a thick-n-thin yarn that has since been mistaken for Rowan Biggy Print.
Once you learn how to spin, try some kool aid dying at home, or create novelty yarn.
The possibilities are endless.
Spindles available for purchase at the shop.


Yarn: Start to Finish

drop spindle with yarn
If you’ve always wanted to know about wool and yarn and how
it all comes together, here’s your chance.
On date tba we will meet, you will get a gallon ziplock stuffed
full of raw wool. We will discuss how to wash, dry, and card
this wool and make it into roving using wire dog brushes.
Then, we will meet and learn how to spin
pre-made roving into yarn.
We will meet once again, and see what we’ve done,
and look at dying our spun wool with Kool-Aid.
     The class will be $80
 in 3 sessions…..
raw unwashed wool, (you are welcome to bring your own)
a drop spindle, prepared roving, and the spinning class,
hand-outs with the information,
and some Kool-Aid colors.
    Call for January class,   $80
   Please let me know by email if you’d like to take part,

   and also if you need me to get the dog brushes for you.
   ($20 for the pair of wire brushes)


Decoupage Class
Please call or email to find out the next date, 4:00 pm.  $25

Beginning Sewing *
Super basic

Never used a sewing machine before?
Or has it been a long time and you just need a refresher course?
In this class you'll learn to thread a sewing machine and sew in straight lines.
You'll also learn how and where to place pins, and other handy tips. 
Plus you'll get to bring home a own pillow case you'll make yourself.
 Materials provided.

~Saturday, January 3 at 12:30 
~Thursday, January 29 at 7pm
~Saturday, January 31 at 12:30

Please call us at (323) 256-9276 for more information.

Beginning Sewing, Part 2:
Using Patterns *

Reading and following a sewing pattern is not as hard as you think.
 Bring a simple pattern that interests you and we will get you started.
Must have prior experience with sewing machines and
provide your own fabric and sewing tools.
~ Thursday, January 15 at 7pm ~ 
~ Saturday,
January 17 12:30 ~


 Sewing Survival Skills*
For men, or anyone who needs to know. 
Learn to sew on buttons, easy repairs, etc
           ~Thursday, January 8 at 7pm~ or
        ~ Saturday,
January 10 at 12:30  ~ 

 Make a No-pattern Baby Blanket *
Students should bring in measurements
and their own fabric, thread and tools.
    This class will be back soon


Skirts Without Patterns*
Sewing machines don't have to just be used for hems and pillowcases.
Bring in measurements,
and your own fabric, thread and tools.

This class will be back soon

*Please note that we have limited space and limited sewing machines available for these classes.
When registering, please tell us if you will need to borrow one of our sewing machines.

These sewing classes are also available as private lessons on
Tuesday or Friday nights for $45



Sewing Course 
$165.00 + Supplies
Learn to sew by making your very own hand-made skirt!
This class covers how to read a pattern, terminology, measurements
and cutting of pattern to fabric.
We'll finish the class off with sewing your skirt together.

*Please note that we have limited space and limited sewing machines available for these classes.
When registering, please tell us if you will need to borrow one of our sewing machines.


We've had other classes in the past,
email us if you'd like to see them again!

Past classes include:

Learn to Make Jewelry
In this class you'll learn the basics  of making your own jewelry by
making your own custom Bangle earrings.
Materials (wire and beads) will be provided.

Beginning Jewelry Making – wire wrap

Drop Necklace

Make your own jewelry using wire wrapping.
Learn to make earrings, necklaces, or both!

Learn to sew your own totes! Create cute tote bags with strap handles.
Perfect for totin' your wears and knits. Great class for people who need a
refresher course on how to sew - or for people who just like bags!

This class is inspired by the famous French artist Henri Matisse. We will
use brightly colored paper to create collages and designs to be used for
cards, pattern ideas, or simply for the aesthetic of pure creativity,
paying homage to this artist brilliantly colored later work.


Decoupaged box

Learn this simple craft, perfect for decorating. Pick from a frame, or box or a flat square and we'll show you how to put together a cool, nifty design. Make mistakes, so that when you go home you have extra ideas on how to fix them. If you have any cool, light weight paper, please feel free to bring it in so we can add it to your works.