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Honey looks comfy (or about to pounce?) in  her new bed knitted by Linda.

Susan's blanet
Susan's first crochet project in over 15 years... I'm impressed.

Mercy 's mindblowing Colorspun socks. We had no idea it would turn out like that either.

Lovely hat, lovely flowers (yay petals), strange child.

ribbontwist scarf
A scarf by Sarah made with ribbon twist.

felted purse
What I like about this purse:
1) awesome button 2) fuzzy top 3) sturdy purse handle 4) simple shape. Perfect!
Pom Pom shawl
I would have never invisioned Pom Pom would make such a great shawl!  What creativity!

gnometastic"Button, Button, who's got a button?"

TinaTina spiced up her modular scarf with Serpentine

Ulli's lovely sweater

Ulli makes some wonderful sweaters for her child and this one is made out of Blue Heron!

The suri scarf

Oh my goodness, a floating head! But what a nice scarf he's wearing.

Emily and her sockotta shirt

Ella is wearing one of the coolest sweaters we've seen! It's made with one ball of the sockotta.

Sarah's blanket

  Sarah's blanket!

Judy's Turtles
Two cuties by Judy (, made with Harris DK and Velourine.

Grande Scarf
Jill's Alpaca Grande scarf using only one skein!

Nicole and her baby blanket
This is Nicole with her first crochet project, a baby blanket. Great job Nicole!

A very cute child and his new very cute doll.

Image hosted by Denise and her first finished project! Love the tassles.

max and hats
 Max and his recent projects.

hat band

 Bill came into our store a few weeks ago, looking for yarn to make a hat band. I suggested felting with the Dreamweaver/ Wisconsin wool. The rest is history

Image hosted by
Emily is keeping warm with her Rio de La Plata scarf.